A short film
by Shafiur Rahman & M3

A Video


A Script


What is this?
What has happened?

An immigrant is a human being
He is a person to respect
with rights and responsibilities
It is a man and God loves him as God loves me.

What do I call this ideological current in Italian life?
This control and peculiar way of using the media.
This fetishistic mass cult.

Why do we have military in our cities?

So we racialise the immigrants.
We find their cultures as problematic and distinct.
Yes it is not just colour now.
Otherness is now also cultural difference.
They are like bastards between citizens and outsiders.
We forget our own history.

Whoever has no other riches than their ethnic and cultural difference are
consigned to humiliation and every form of racism.

Face-lifts, eye-lid surgery, injections of botox,
hidden heels, 17 year old girls, orgies, lies,
this constant emphasis on physical prowess and delusional claims.

Are these stigmata?

Why do we like them to work in the shadows.
Their illegality is useful. It is their illegality that we need.

The lives of immigrants in Italy tell us of  our own lives.

Explain to me the itinerary of this civilisation.
An itinerary which weaves itself through Libyan detention camps.
And illegal acts against vulnerable humans. On sea and on land.

Showing my face, my fragility.
Raising my small voice always makes sense.

What to call this?
Vandalism against life and lives?
What to call this vandalism?
What to do?

Script by Shafiur Rahman with apologies to Passolini and thanks to Pope Benedict XVI.  Thanks also to the Wu Ming foundation for inspiration.

The Team

Italian Vandal


Script, Camera, Direction: Shafiur Rahman
Stencil Artist: M3
Production: Sharon Ashbourn
Scout: MV

Edit & Postproduction: Luz Salcedo
Translation: Victoria Richardson

  • 2013, August. Support film for “The Act of Killing” documentary  in Picturehouse Cinemas. 
  • 2013: Guest Programme, 29th Internationale Kurzfilm Festival, Hamburg 
  • 2013 International Short Film Festival Detmold
  •  2013: London Short Film Festival, Shortlisted for Lo-budget Lomo Award.
  • 2012: Shortlisted for 2012 Cannes in a Van: The Van d’Or Awards for Independent Film